Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Icicle Works - BLIND - UK 3CD Expanded Edition [Cherry Red Records CDTRED 501]

The Icicle Works
Cherry Red Records CDTRED 501

As early as the Icicle Works' second album, it became obvious that singer/songwriter Ian McNabb had little interest in further pursuing his career as a new wave tunesmith in the manner of his only U.K. hit, Love Is a Wonderful Colour . Still, stylistic nods to Neil Young, Van Morrison, and Motown on post-1984 recordings could have hardly prepared the casual Icicle Works fan for the all-over-the-map musical journey that represented the original line up's fourth and final album, Blind.

There's not even a hint of new wave on this record; beginning with a full-on Led Zeppelin-style rave up ( Shit Creek ), Blind then proceeds to careen wildly through several anthemic folk-rockers ( Here Comes Trouble , Starry Blue Eyed Wonder ), a Caribbean-style pop tune ( What Do You Want Me to Do ), a Prince-meets-INXS lite-funk workout ( The KissOff ), a raunchy blues-metal parody that even Zodiac Mindwarp might have found too over the top ( Two Two Three ), Blind contains some of the Icicle Works' best individual tracks, including the singles High Time and Little Girl Lost . 

This 3-CD reissue-set contains 2 discs of rare and unreleased material in addition to the original album and also features updated booklets and notes by Classic Rocks Jerry Ewing.

This re-issue is presented with the US Cover, as opposed to the original UK cover. 

The tracks are however, the UK versions, and NOT the radically remastered US versions, which still remain elusive other than on the original US release.

Track Listing

Disc 1
1 Intro [0:32] (Ian McNabb)
2 Shit Creek [4:01] (Ian McNabb)
3 High Time [3:35] (Ian McNabb)
4 Little Girl Lost [4:39] (Ian McNabb)
5 Starry Blue Eyed Wonder [4:13] (Ian McNabb)
6 One True Love [1:51] (Ian McNabb)
7 Blind [5:35] (Ian McNabb)
8 Two Two Three [2:23] (Ian McNabb)
9 What Do You Want Me To Do? [3:13] (Ian McNabb)
10 Stood Before Saint Peter [5:25] (Ian McNabb)
11 The Kiss Off [4:21] (Ian McNabb)
12 Here Comes Trouble [4:02] (Ian McNabb)
13 Walk A While With Me [4:25] (Ian McNabb)

Disc 2 B Sides and Rarities
1 Firepower (Alternative Version) [3:44] (Ian McNabb)
2 Solid Ground (Alternative Version) [3:21] (Ian McNabb)
3 Like Weather (Alternative Version) [5:42] (Ian McNabb)

B-Side of "The Kiss Off"
4 Broken Hearted Fool [3:43] (Ian McNabb)
5 The Kiss Off [12" Mix] [4:16] (Ian McNabb)

B-Side of "Numb" EP
6 Sure Thing [4:59] 
7 High Time [Acoustic Version] [3:37] (Ian McNabb)
8 Whipping Boy [4:36] (Ian McNabb)

B-Side of "Little Girl Lost"
9 Tin Can [3:21] (Ian McNabb)
10 Hot Profit Gospel [3:46] (Ian McNabb)
11 One Time [6:25] (Ian McNabb)

12 Triad, Chestnut Mare The Byrds [4:52]
13 Acid Hell Nightmare Ian McNabb [4:09]
14 The Kiss Off [Extended Remix] Ian McNabb [5:59]
15 The Kiss Off [Instrumental Dub] Ian McNabb [4:51]

Disc 3 B Sides and Rarities
1 When It All Comes Down ['92 Version] Ian McNabb 5:48 Taken from "Best of The Icicle Works"
2 Little Girl Lost [Demo] Ian McNabb 5:09 Previously Unreleased
3 Starry Blue Eyed Wonder [Demo] Ian McNabb 4:45 Previously Unreleased
4 Here Comes Trouble [Demo] Ian McNabb 4:08 Previously Unreleased
5 Slipping Into Darkness [Shit Creek Demo] Ian McNabb 4:22 Previously Unreleased
6 Light In The Window Ian McNabb 3:33 Previously Unreleased
7 One True Love [Doggy Mix] Ian McNabb 2:44 Previously Unreleased
8 Private Revolution [Live] Karl Wallinger 4:23 B-Side "High Time"
9 Travelling Chest [Live] Ian McNabb 4:01 B-Side "High Time"
10 Starry Blue Eyed Wonder [Live] Ian McNabb 4:31 B-Side "Here Comes Trouble"
11 For What It's Worth - Medley [Live] Neil Young 6:03 B-Side "Here Comes Trouble"
Includes ...
You Can't Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones)
Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
Soul Kitchen (The Doors)
12 Rock and Roll [Live] Robert Plant, Jimmy Page 4:03 B-Side "Here Comes Trouble"